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best brands in the biz.

You have a brand to build and a business to run. We make sourcing cannabis vape hardware easy-peasy.
Sourcing, simplified.
Start with samples
You have a brand to build and a business to run. We make sourcing cannabis vape hardware easy-peasy. Sourcing, simplified.
By leveraging our decade of experience in cannabis vape hardware we aim to pair you with your plant's perfect puff—we're your gateway to the entire industry and the best hardware it offers.
We consider you our partner. We’re your vape department.
an area of special expertise or responsibility.

Why working with us is a no brainer—  

 other wholesale vape companies, we don’t just work with one manufacturer (nor do we fool you into thinking we are one). We’re matchmakers—we curate the vape industry for you.
Factory Direct
Time is money— we'll save you both. We help align what you need with who in the industry can deliver and we don’t have to up-charge to do it. 
Qualified buyers receive a steady stream of the industry’s latest products. We’ve been called "The
 Vape Santa"
 by our clients.
Truly top shelf. We’ve “weeded” out the trash. Your standards are our 
You’ll have our time & dedication
 keep our client list and our team tight — not everyone can have a Vape Dept.
We make it happen. If you want it made we will work with MFGs to figure it out. From complicated
 to new creations.

We aim to 
 We'll help you differentiate between the players & the fakers. As your vape department, we're on your team. No secrets here.
We work for you.
We act as extension of your brand, representing you to make sure you are up to date on the latest and greatest in the vape space. We don’t work for the manufacturers.
We work for you.
It’s our business model.
Qualified buyers receive a starter package of samples followed by monthly new releases.

On the house—no obligation.
P.S. I’m Nate & I’ll be your vape rep. I’ve been in the cannabis vape industry since 2012…when they sucked.
low key communication, cool.
professional, alright!
personal, huh?
we get paranoid too.
Awesome, let's make some vapes. We will hit you up via your preferred communication style.
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We roll tight.

Hi, I’m Nate

Founder of vpm.com & your personal vape rep.

Our #1 referral source is word of mouth.

No marketing team, no sales teams, just a tight-knit team who’ve been in the cannabis vape industry for a combined 30 years. We are dedicated to personalized service.

Our connections and longevity in the industry have taught us how to run a tight ship and pass the savings on to you. We might be the most efficient department of your business.

Our partners love us

Don’t take our word for it.
Someone Awesome

It's been a pleasure working with Nathan and his company. We've had a long-standing partnership working together since the early days of VPM.com. Nathan was one of my earliest supporters and has invaluable knowledge about the vape industry and emerging technologies. Nathan genuinely cares about ensuring that his customers and partners are always satisfied. That's something rare in this industry!

-Jesse Brownstein, Founder CannabisVapeReviews.com
Someone Awesome

After 8 years working in the cannabis industry, not one person has come close to the level of integrity and professionalism of Nathan Kies with Vape Dept. From beginning to the end of the process, Nathan has done a fantastic job ensuring my success through collaborative partnership. For any and all vape needs in this industry, you have to go through Nathan Kies at Vape Dept. You won’t regret it!

-Arend Richard, CEO WeedTube.com
Someone Awesome

Hey there awesome cannabis brand or cultivator that we're currently working with! As you know, I'm launching Vape Dept as the wholesale division to VPM.com which I founded a decade ago. I’m trying to grow Vape Dept so if you're reading this it means I'd love to replace these words with your testimonial. Have you enjoyed working with us enough to say a few words?

-Nathan Kies, CEO Vape Dept